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G-Spot Stimulation, G-Spot Orgasm, G-Spot Squirting, or just squirting... Once a mystery, and once felt never existed, does indeed exist. g-spot diagram showing location The G-Spot - or Grafenberg-Spot on most women is located about 2" into the vagina on the anterior -- or top wall as the woman is laying on her back. -- or top wall as the woman is laying on her back. The G-Spot is also called the "Urethral Sponge". The G-Spot is formed by the Skene's gland - also called the Paraurethral. The g-spot, anatomically speaking consists of small sacks, or vesicles which are in close proximity to and in fact surround the urethra. The size and number of these vesicles vary greatly among women. The vesicles are connected to and open into the urethra through what are known as the Paraurethral ducts. Stimulation of the G-Spot causes the lining to secrete a fluid into the vesicles where it accumulates. This is where the possibilities for explosive G-Spot orgasms, or should we say mind-blowing G-Spot Squirting Orgasms come in..... and the Crystal S-Wand for G-Spot stimulation can help.

Other uses of the Crystal S-Wand include male prostate gland stimulation. Over the years it has been found to be of benefit for sufferers of Prostatitus, an inflammation of the prostate gland. Also it works wonderfully for stimulating menís prostate for heightened sexual arousal.

Male and Female users have reported a wide variety of results from using our S-Series G-Spot Wands, including:


There are many different techniques and practices for G-Spot, or A-Spot stimulation. So by no means what is presented here exhaustive. Below is a diagram showing manual stimulation of the G-Spot. A finger - or two- is commonly inserted and wrapped past the pubic bone to the spongy, often ripply feeling Skene's gland / G-Spot. A mixture of both pressure-type movement, stroking, and caressing of the spot will cause swelling of the area as it it stimulated. This is common as outlined in the previous section. gspot stimulation diagram Continuous stimulation of this area, in many cases will effectively cause the "I have to pee" sensation. This is the result of the Skene's gland secreting "g-spot" fluid. This is the point at which many women get scared. It's a big hurdle to overcome - "I have to pee and it is pee" is the common thought here. This causes many women to be confused and/or scared - noone wants to "pee" on their lover (at least most of us feel that way:)).



Using emperical anatomical data as a basis for our G-Spot/A-Spot wands, as well as recommendations from sex experts and customers we can say with certainty that we create the most comfortable, ergonomic, stimulating wands in the industry. We have been making our series of G-Spot specific wands for 10 years now. All of our G-Spot wands are handmade with meticulous care so that the correct shapes and angles are preserved from their initial design and prototype. To the left is a diagram showing how to stimulate the G-Spot using one of our S-Series Wands. By inserting one of the ends into the vagina and pressing down on the wand handle, gspot diagram #2the contoured head of the stimulator is brought into direct contact with the g-spot. Stimulation and arousal is achieved by varying the motion and pressure the wand makes while in contact with the g-spot. Over time the g-spot will become engorged and swollen, and in the height of arousal the urge to "pee" (although it is not pee - but g-spot fluid) will come. Pure sexual release is achieved by succumbing to this urge, effectively having a g-spot orgasm!


We at CAP realize that everyone is unique, not created equally, and enjoy various lengths, widths, and textures when it comes to maximum pleasure. This is why we strive to provide an extensive collection, dubbed our S-Series, or S-Wands of G-Spot Sex Toys.
G-Spot S-Wand Stimulator Our most basic and popular item in the line is the S-Wand 10" G-Spot Stimulator Wand, measuring in at 10" and a comfortable 7/8" in diameter.
Each end is distinct to provide varying sensation and stimulation, and can be used for hitting the g-spot, or in males - prostate stimulation.

Other variations of our wands include the T-Wand 10" Stimulator that has a unique t-shaped head, esthetically pleasing and maximally stimulating. It is also 7/8" in diameter, but is artistically distinct for those who enjoy something a little elegant, different, or out of the ordinary.

G-Spot S-Wand Stimulation

For those who enjoy a little more width to their toys, we provide the fulfilling S-Wand 12" Dual G-Spot Stimulator. At 1-1/4" in diameter with a tapered rounded head one one end, and a rounded ball on the other, it is guaranteed to rock your world, ingnite the bedroom into flames, and soak your sheets.


The latest addition to our S-Series is our S3 Maxxx-G developed in response to our S-Wand users who wanted an intense filling experience with the same contours of the original S-Wand but added girth. G-Spot S-Wand StimulatorAt 12" in length and 1-1/4" in diameter it easily hits the g-spot and provides a full intense charged experience for its users.

Regardless of the the S-Wand series G-Spot Stimulator you own, you have all the extra help to easily find and stimulate the G-Spot and A-Spot (female) and prostate (Male G-Spot) . Since 2002, our g-spot stimulators have been recommended by sex experts, sold world-wide, and praised by thousands. The S-Wand series is the best selling product line we have ever manufactured. Made from 100% lucite glass for safety and durability. Manufactured exclusively by CAP.

*Review Excerpt*:

Trying out the Crystal G-Spot Stimulator Wand, I found that it’s shape was perfect for locating and stimulating my g-spot. It shapes itself naturally to the curves of the body, and snuggles itself firmly against all the right places. The “S” shape of the wand makes for a very convenient handle on the other end of the toy so that nothing slips at the wrong moment. (Original Link at Monica's Reviews).


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